In the episode: How the concept of coziness can help us cultivate an intentional life & possibly save the world by tapping into our inner Hobbit.

If we really want to relax into the magic of the season, the best concept to cozy up with is Hygge. 

Winter holds deep magic.  

There is potent magic that comes with the season. For our European Ancestors, winter was when one might expect visitors from the Otherworld, be they Ancestors, Gods, or Spirits. It was considered a liminal time that belonged to the sacred Other.

What is Hygge?

Hygge means “coziness” and describes a Scandinavian concept which the Danish have called their own and brought to the world in recent years. Similar concepts can be found in most Scandinavian countries like Koselig in Norway, and to some extent, the Swedish term Lagom, which also encompasses a less is more ideology in pursuit of living a life of balance.

Some people believe these ideas are survival mechanisms for people who live in some of the coldest lands on the planet. Still, from my experience living in Norway, these concepts are not used to “get through” or escape something unpleasant, but a way to be with what is – to embrace the seasonal changes and find the magic therein.

Hygge Criticism

Some people have challenged the concept of hygge, saying it’s like living in a bubble, putting your head in the sand and not looking at, or avoiding difficulties that naturally occur in life and in the world around us that need tending to.

I would say that hygge is not a blindfold; instead, it is a shield. It’s difficult to put our energy into the challenges in our lives or change the injustices of the world if we don’t have a place to re-group and re-energize. We need a sanctuary where we can surround ourselves with the things that remind us why we have the difficult conversations or participate in dismantling systems that don’t serve. The goal that we are working towards – the life we want, for ourselves and others, in all aspects.

Gettin’ Hygge: December Podcast Epiode

The latest Old Ways for Modern Days podcast, Gettin’ Hygge, is all about using the concept of coziness to help us cultivate an intentional life & possibly save the world by tapping into our inner Hobbit.

You’ve never heard anyone talk about hygge like this before!

In the episode I cover

⭐️ The Scandinavian concept of coziness is not only great for warming away the winter blues. Still, it can also be cultivated as a year-long practice to live a more intentional life aligned with the world we want to see.

⭐️ How to embrace the dark months instead of “getting through” them

⭐️ Utilize the principles of hygge to inspire us to dismantle & let go of that which does not serve the highest good both in our lives & within the greater community

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