A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule

Folklore, Activities and Recipes For The Whole Family to Enjoy For 12 Days!
By Jenn Campus

A concise, fun and easy to follow guide for celebrating the 12 Days of Yule (Heathen-style!), this guide includes:

  • Activities for each of the 12 days
  • Recipes
  • Prayers
  • Folklore/ History
  • Rituals
  • Crafts
  • Traditions
All activities are family-friendly but also great for individuals.

Features & Details

Format PDF
Published Date 11/13/2022

Join us for the 12 Days of Yule Mini Course

This mini-course is based on my bestselling Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule, but the content is unique to the course.

This course is designed to help connect our ancient hearts to the joy and magic of the season by giving a daily focal point to help celebrate the reason for the season.

The course is the perfect framework for families and individuals to create their own meaningful holiday traditions based on inspiration from our Ancestors and the Old Powers.

For each of the 12 days you will receive:

  • A short recording that describes the theme of the day, which might include history, folklore, and stories
  • A ritual to help you connect to the theme, which might include prayers or other ceremonies
  • A recipe to enjoy the tastes of the season

The cost is 39 euros



I hope you’ll join us. Bright Yule Blessings to you and yours!


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Putting the Yule back in Yuletide! It’s surprising how few books there are available for pagans to help celebrate the holidays. It’s always a joy for me to find a resource that will help fill out my celebrations with ritual and recipes and good ideas for get-togethers. Jenn Campus’s book is a delight! She beautifully covers the twelve days of Yule for her tradition. Her celebrations also translate easily for other pagan traditions. This is a charming reference for your cyber-shelf.


I have been looking for information on how to actually celebrate the 12 days of Yule for years with not so much luck finding something that resonated. So grateful to have found this! Thank you!

Danielle G.
Exactly what you need to know as a family. It was Awesome. I loved it. She explained day by day examples of what to do with your family during Yule. I loved the recipes.

Good ideas here. It’s fun to hear about how people celebrate. I do wish there were more basic info about each day of Yule though; the symbolism for each day. She did this a lot for the first days, but the last half were lacking.

Great for Making Family Traditions. A great little book for an introduction and ideas for celebrating the 12 days of Yule. As someone raised Christian, but now Pagan, I loved the way she relates and explains the pagan roots of many familiar traditions from this time of year!
Sarah G.
Cute simple guide to celebrating Yule. Lots of references to Scandinavian and European traditions with an emphasis upon doing rather than simply reading/contemplating. Lots of recipes and crafts.
Mary L.
Filled with a good many ideas and suggestions as to how to celebrate. Very interesting little book, filled with a good many ideas and suggestions as to how to celebrate Yule. There’s activities, things to do with the family, history and several tasty recipes.
John S.
A fabulous book for someone like myself who needs a basic no nonsense instruction on the ritual and practices of the yuletide season. Lovely book
I loved that this book was straight to the point and easy to read. I also learned a great many things about Yule that I had not known before. I found this book very informational and well written. If you want a quick, go-to guide, and educational, I highly recommend this book.

Did you know that Yule, the ancient festival which is the precursor for Christmas was actually a 12-day celebration? Do you want to connect with family, friends, and nature during this holiday season and combat the commercialism that often fills you with dread? To help combat this, and to aid in cultivating a sense of comfort and coziness during this time of year, I created a book based on ancient holiday traditions, without the commercial trappings.

The celebration of Yule, the ancient Pagan festival that became the Christian holiday Christmas, was traditionally a 12 day celebration. I am deeply drawn to the lore of European history and mythology and so I spent the last several years finding ways to celebrate the full 12 days with my family. This book is the result. I hope this little guide helps you and yours enjoy this time of year (what I like to call “The Holly-Daze”) a little more.

Many modern people, including Pagans, celebrate the Winter Solstice, as the turning point where the daylight hours begin to get a little longer. If you already celebrate the Winter Solstice, but don’t yet celebrate the full 12 day festival, this guide will help you to do that. If you already celebrate for 12 days, this book will give you some extra ideas and inspiration.

Even if this is your first time celebrating the Winter Solstice, don’t be daunted. Somewhere down the line your ancestors celebrated this festival of light, and so it is already written in your DNA. You will also already be familiar with many of the traditions, since most Christmas traditions are based on this older, more ancient festival.