A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule

Folklore, Activities and Recipes For The Whole Family to Enjoy For 12 Days!

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Rediscover the Magic of Yule with the #1 Bestselling Guide

After dominating Amazon as the #1 bestselling Yule guide for six years, the first edition of “A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule" was intentionally withdrawn to safeguard its integrity from rampant copyright infringement.

Now, it returns in a more expansive (190+ pages, downloadable PDF) and insightful second edition - a true indie venture that takes us on a journey back to the Old Ways.

What's Inside

Ancient wisdom meets modern living, where the magic of Yule is not just a relic of the past but a vibrant and vital part of your present holiday spirit.

  1. Expanded Content: This second edition, double the size of the original, is meticulously researched and elegantly formatted to bring the joy of the 12 Days of Yule into your holiday celebrations.

  2. Practical and Scholarly: Authored by Jenn Campus, an animist anthropologist and a trusted guide through the 12 Days of Yule for over a decade, this book isn't an academic tome. It's a practical, approachable guide for those eager to blend ancient wisdom with modern life.

  3. For Everyone: Ideal for families forging new traditions, couples deepening their Yule celebration, or individuals on a spiritual quest, this book is a heartwarming companion

  4. Artwork that tells a story: Adorned with stunning artwork by renowned artist Roberto Campus, a Marvel and DC Comics veteran, each page visually captures the profound influence of house elves, gnomes, and land spirits on our personal and creative lives.

  5. A Journey to the Old Powers: This book aims to reconnect you with the Old Ways, offering accessible frameworks to integrate ancient wisdom into your daily life.

Your Path to a Magical Yule

  • History & Folklore: Uncover the deep history and rich folklore of Yule, understanding the origins and significance of time-honored traditions and themes.

  • Activities & Crafts: Delight all ages with engaging activities and crafts to integrate the spirit of Yule into your home.

  • Rituals & Recipes: Explore rituals that honor the season and its most prominent figures. Relish delicious recipes infused with the flavors of Yule, curated by Jenn Campus, an experienced food writer, recipe developer, and cookbook author.
  • Personal Reflections & Stories: Jenn Campus shares her family’s journey, re-claiming the 12 Days of Yule, making the ancient traditions relatable and relevant to modern life.

Why Choose This Guide

  • Authentic and Independent: Our guide is a testament to authenticity and a decade’s worth of research in a sea of commercialized winter holiday guides.
  • Expertly Researched: A fusion of meticulous anthropological research and practical wisdom makes each chapter a unique and invaluable resource.
  • Family-Friendly: Designed inclusively and accessibly, it's the perfect guide for families wishing to imbue their Yule celebrations with depth, joy, and significance.

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Embrace the Old Ways and Create New Traditions with Us This Year

Join us on a journey that transcends time, where the magic of Yule illuminates the path to a meaningful and joyful celebration.
Filled with a good many ideas and suggestions as to how to celebrate. Very interesting little book, filled with a good many ideas and suggestions as to how to celebrate Yule. There’s activities, things to do with the family, history and several tasty recipes.
John S.
A fabulous book for someone like myself who needs a basic no nonsense instruction on the ritual and practices of the yuletide season. Lovely book

I have been looking for information on how to actually celebrate the 12 days of Yule for years with not so much luck finding something that resonated. So grateful to have found this! Thank you!

Danielle G.

Putting the Yule back in Yuletide! It’s surprising how few books there are available for pagans to help celebrate the holidays. It’s always a joy for me to find a resource that will help fill out my celebrations with ritual and recipes and good ideas for get-togethers. Jenn Campus’s book is a delight! She beautifully covers the twelve days of Yule for her tradition. Her celebrations also translate easily for other pagan traditions. This is a charming reference for your cyber-shelf.

Great for Making Family Traditions. A great little book for an introduction and ideas for celebrating the 12 days of Yule. As someone raised Christian, but now Pagan, I loved the way she relates and explains the pagan roots of many familiar traditions from this time of year!
Sarah G.
I loved that this book was straight to the point and easy to read. I also learned a great many things about Yule that I had not known before. I found this book very informational and well written. If you want a quick, go-to guide, and educational, I highly recommend this book.
Cute simple guide to celebrating Yule. Lots of references to Scandinavian and European traditions with an emphasis upon doing rather than simply reading/contemplating. Lots of recipes and crafts.
Mary L.
Exactly what you need to know as a family. It was Awesome. I loved it. She explained day by day examples of what to do with your family during Yule. I loved the recipes.

Good ideas here. It’s fun to hear about how people celebrate. I do wish there were more basic info about each day of Yule though; the symbolism for each day. She did this a lot for the first days, but the last half were lacking.

A print version will be coming next year! There will be special offers to customers who purchased the digital copy.

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I’m Jenn Campus. Best-selling author of A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule, anthropologist & mythologist.

As a Mythologist and Scribe of The Old Ones, I channel and translate the unspoken words of the unseen world into stories that captivate our imagination and stir us to come into right relationship with the world and all its inhabitants, human or otherwise.

As an Anthropologist, I distill those esoteric experiences down to their essence creating practical frameworks to inspire you to create your own simple daily rituals and year-round traditions to become re-enchanted with the world around you. These traditions can then be left as a legacy to the ones who come after us.

I’m a two-time best-selling author. I have a degree in Anthropology and Indigenous/Native American Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. As a Third Road Initiate, student of Seidr and Ancestral lineage healing work, and through self-study of the esoteric arts, I have decades of experience creating ritual and ceremony. As a Matriarch-in-training, I joyfully pass on my Ancestors traditions and create our own family traditions.