I am excited to offer you the 12 Days of Yule Mini Course this holiday season. It is based on my best-selling book, A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule.

I want to help fill your days with Comfort, Joy & Magic!

It’s a challenging holiday season for many this year due to world events outside of our control. Those events have led to personal hardships for many, which makes connecting to the magic of the season and focusing on the joy of this time so important. This mini course is designed to give you daily focus, help you ground into the reason for the season & to feel more connected to your Ancestors and the Old Powers.

Featuring New Material!

For those already familiar with my book of the same title, you’ll be happy to hear that the mini course features ⭐️brand new ⭐️ material.

That means new Yule goodies for you, including folklore, history, rituals, recipes, activities, prayers, and even some stories to tell around the fire on a winter’s night.

How the Course Works

The course will begin on December 20th, Mother’s Night.
Each day, for 12 days, you will receive a recording with the theme for the day, including various combinations of folklore, history, rituals, activities, prayers, & stories connected to the daily theme. You will also receive a daily recipe in your inbox to keep your belly joyful too.

Many of the daily themes are similar to the book, but you’ll find different content in the course.

Day 1: Mother’s Night
Day 2: Winter Solstice
Day 3: Hygge
Day 4: Count Your Blessings
Day 5: Sacred Reindeer
Day 6: Jul
Day 7: The Wild Hunt
Day 8: Warding for Winter
 Day 9: Deepening our Relationship with our Gods
Day 10: What are Wights?
Day 11: Magically and Mundanely Divining the New Year
Day 12: Hogmanay or NYE

How to Join Us!

✨The course cost is 5€ ✨

It’s important to me that this course is accessible to everyone that needs a lift and some support this holiday season.

I’m doing the course through Patreon subscriptions for simplicity & ease.

All Old Ways for Modern Days Patreon supporters at the Hearth Keeper level are automatically enrolled in the course 🙏🏻

If you’re not a Patron yet, sign up to get access to the course! This level of support also includes monthly seasonal guides, book previews, and monthly fireside chats where we discuss a seasonal topic or theme.

I hope you’ll join us!