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WGDR Radio “Cabin Talk”

Jenn was interviewed by local radio star Claudia Stauber on her show Cabin Talk. Claudia describes Dreams of Ydalir as "The next Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings combined!"


The Mysterious Origins of the Travel Bug

Contributing writer. Matador Network. Where did the first person get their inspiration to head out into the unknown? It's likely the sheer impossibility of the act provoked their curiosity. (Follow link to read full article)


Pasta Magazine

Editor. Pasta Magazine from Centennial Media. US Market. Over 100 recipes for Pasta, from traditional and classic Italian dishes, to Italian American favorites and regional bests from the most well-loved parts of Italy. Also includes how to make the best tomato sauce and how to source the most delicious olive oil. Release Date: Fall 2018.


My Time With The Navajo Elders

Writer. Black Mesa, also know as Big Mountain, is a beautiful desert land out in the northeastern tip of Arizona. It is dotted with few sheep and other livestock. It is also home to the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe. (Follow link to read full article)


Love in Every Bite

30 delicious, naturally gluten free and easy to prepare recipes to bring magic into your kitchen and love into your life.


Is Higher Priced Food Safer?

Sub Saharan Africa Food Security Portal. The lack of a reliable safe food supply in developing nations brings with it both health and economic costs. A recent article published in Agricultural Economics explores this issue. (Follow link to read full article)