Uncover the captivating stories and insights of the enigmatic women who, with their strength and wisdom, held pivotal roles as seers, oracles, and prophetesses in ancient Indo-European cultures.

Sacred Threads

Sacred Threads: Love, Sex, War, Beauty & Prophecy— A look at the common threads of Indo-European Spirituality with a focus on pre-Christian Celtic, Germanic, Norse, and Roman culture. At the core of Sacred Threads lies a personal journey of discovery and connection. As someone with Northern European roots, adopted and married into Italian families, and deeply immersed in the study and reclamation of animist traditions, I found myself drawn to the common threads that unite these seemingly disparate cultural heritages. Sacred Threads is my attempt to bridge the gaps between these cultures and reclaim the animist traditions of my ancestors. By blending ancient practices with modern insights, this work offers a dynamic exploration of our shared Indo-European heritage, drawing on ancient texts, archaeological findings, and personal reflections from a modern pagan perspective.

Sacred Threads is a Work in Progress, and new work is delivered at regular intervals through the Old Ways for Modern Days Library.

Women of Prophecy

Throughout history, women have been revered, feared, and sought after for their prophetic abilities and connections to the divine. In pondering the preeminence of women as oracles and seeresses in ancient lore, one cannot overlook the intrinsic connection between femininity and the cycles of nature—a relationship deeply rooted in their very beings…In the rich tapestries of Celtic, Germanic, Norse, and Roman cultures, these women—whether historical figures, characters of myth, or goddesses—held pivotal roles. Their stories and the magic they wielded offer a glimpse into the spiritual fabric of their societies. While their practices might have differed from region to region, the widespread reverence for female seers across various Indo-European cultures cannot be denied.~(excerpt from Sacred Threads)

In this latest issue, we delve into the sacred role of women as keepers of intuition and inner wisdom. From the Celtic lands to Germanic territories and Norse realms to the heart of ancient Rome, women were revered for their profound connection to the natural world and their unique capacity to bring forth life. Step into the lives of the Bandraoi, Gythia, Völva, Priestess, and Sybil.  Through their insights and prophecies, they acted as bridges between the seen and unseen worlds, offering guidance and wisdom to their communities.

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Join us on this fascinating exploration of the Women of Prophecy, where ancient wisdom meets modern insight and discover the timeless truths that resonate across cultures and generations.

Artwork by Roberto Campus