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Dreams of Ydalir

Where Norse Mythology and The Legend of Tam Lin meet. Dreams of Ýdalir is an illustrated novel that includes new myths based on the tales of the Gods of Old Europe.

By Jenn Campus

Dreams of Ýdalir is an illustrated novel, released as a literary serial fiction (in installments, like a TV show) that includes new myths about the Gods of Old Europe.

It is heavily based on European mythologyand with a deep respect for the classic lore it reveals the legends of lesser known Gods, like Wuldor/Ullr, Sif and Elen of the Ways, and new or as we like to say “forgotten” tales and origin stories of some more well known mythological characters, like Thor, Freyja and Odin.

The Story

The year is 1794, Fawn is a seventeen-year-old orphaned girl, living in the Scottish lowlands. She begins having strange dreams of a flame-haired woman named Elen who appears to be part human, part deer and of Wuldor, a mysterious dark-haired woodsman who gifts her with a magical deer mask that allows her to travel to other worlds.

Through these encounters, Fawn believes she has the power she needs to finally find her own fey-touched mother who abandoned her at birth. As Fawn’s relationship with these mythical beings deepens, she writes it all down in her journal.

Through this coming of age tale, she is gifted with the divine stories of the gods and learns how her true origins are tied to her survival.

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Jenn and Roberto’s book is a beautifully told story with art to match and enhance it. In addition to the adventure, you’ll also get myth, history and philosophy. Each page visually tells its own story as well, with hand written notes, letters, drawings, paintings, and even illuminated borders. I eagerly await each update!

Liz F.

Dreams of Ydalir is a mythological journey through time and other-wordly dimensions. Told through the diary entries of a young orphaned girl and the memories of Norse God Wuldor, each Dreams of Ydalir issue captures the reader’s heart and mind and leaves you anxious to learn what happens next.

Amber G.

Dreams of Ydalir features gorgeous images that complement compelling storytelling. I was hooked from the very first issue!

Rachel B.