Food. Land. Tradition. Magic.

Unlock the wealth of traditional wisdom and skills already woven into your DNA.
Discover down-to-earth tools that help you live your magic everyday.
Do you feel overwhelmed and out of sync in the materialism of the modern world and long for the days of yore when humankind remembered our place in the web of life?
Do you yearn to become enchanted with the world around us, and feel the true abundance and freedom that simple joys can bring?

Welcome Home

There is room for the Old Ways in our Modern Days.
This virtual hearth is for people who understand that we can live more satisfying lives, and serve the next generations through re-claiming the earth-centric traditions of our ancestors.
Let’s dive deep into the sacred well of pre-Christian ancestral knowledge to dismantle the assimilation of our ancient spirits from the confines of this consumer-driven world, and to heal the wounds of disconnection from our animistic traditions.

Bi-Monthly Musings

Do you want practical, down-to-earth tools that inspire you to take part in the dance of life; to feel the magic that’s inherently entwined with the most simple tasks and aspects of your everyday life?

If this sounds like you, take your seat around our hearth-fire. Twice a month you’ll receive a seasonal reflection, story, recipe, or tip based on food, land, tradition, or magic so you can create your own simple daily rituals, and traditions.

Seasonal Guides

Our bones remember the time when our ancestors lived with the seasons. These monthly guides answer that ancient call, and help us connect to the folk ways of the ones that came before. Tune into traditional festivities, folklore, and activities every month.

Enjoy simple activities, rituals, and recipes that correspond to the changes in the natural world. Down-to-earth and easy to access today!


The Old Ways for Modern Days Podcast discusses the ways in which we can easily incorporate ancestral wisdom and traditional knowledge into our lives.

The aim is to show how we are already connected to this consciousness, and how we can cultivate more connections in our everyday life and tasks.

Episodes are under 1 hour.


This simple guide offers a fun and easy framework to help you create your own traditions and combat the commercialism that can lead to holiday burnout.

30 delicious, naturally gluten free and easy to prepare recipes to bring magic into your kitchen and love into your life.

Where Norse Mythology and The Legend of Tam Lin meet. Dreams of Ýdalir is an illustrated novel that includes new myths based on the tales of the Gods of Old Europe. (Work in Progress)

About Me

As a Mythologist and Scribe of The Old Ones, I translate the unspoken words of the unseen world into stories that captivate our imagination and stir us to come into right relationship with the world and all its inhabitants. 

As an Anthropologist, I distill those esoteric experiences down to their essence to create various practical frameworks to inspire you to create your own simple daily rituals and traditions that you can apply today to become re-enchanted with the world around you. These traditions can then be left as a legacy to the ones who come after us.

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