Old Ways for Modern Families Course

For parents & caregivers who want to nurture a magical relationship with their spirited child(ren) through creating family traditions & daily rituals rooted in earth-honoring & life-affirming magic.

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably an old soul who longs to weave some old-world magic into the mundane aspects of your life. Maybe like me, you’ve spent years trying to un-learn the conditioning of the over-culture that is not built to last, values rapid change, exploitation & blind consumerism.

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how we humans got to a place so out of alignment with ourselves and our fundamental needs?

Do you crave a life more aligned with your integrity & values, but feel overwhelmed with where to start?

You might wonder what kind of a world we’re leaving for our kids. Even if you’re actively raising your kids to be compassionate & earth-honoring souls, you feel frustrated & overwhelmed at times as you plod through the endless list of daily tasks.

Welcome home. You are not alone.

An intimate group is gathering at the hearth. Join those who understand that we can live more satisfying lives & serve the next generations when we re-claim the earth-centric traditions of our Ancestors.


Old Ways for Modern Families is a 6- week journey that helps you tend the flame of your Ancestors. We’ll weave old-world traditions, skills & magic seamlessly into your modern daily life so you can support your children’s innate wisdom, which nurtures their connection to the enchanted world around them.

If you’re concerned about how the world is going, supporting & nurturing our children’s diverse mindsets will play an essential role in making transformative changes in the world.

In Old Ways for Modern Families, we’ll tap into the wisdom of our Ancestors to do this & so much more.

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I grew up with a deep-seated discontentment with what I saw in the world around me- the injustices & fallacies we ignore to maintain an uneasy comfort with the systems & structures that mold our lives. The veneer of “civilized” life always looked thin to me.

This uneasiness led me to activism in the 1990s. Starting with environmental & social justice issues led me to work with Indigenous communities. A long-term stay as an invited guest on the Diné (Navajo) reservation was life changing. I lived with two Elders involved in a community wide land dispute. Spending time in an intact indigenous community was life changing. I was often told by the Elders I met while there to go back & learn about the ancient cultures of my own people to come into right relationship with the land, its spirits & my own spirit.

There is strength in roots.

I also always knew I wanted to have a family. The younger me lamented to my mom that I had no idea how I could ever do both – change the world, fight injustice, and still show up whole for my own family. Her words changed the way I saw everything forever.

She said, “raise your kids with the values that you want to see in the world; that is the greatest form of activism there is.

As an anthropologist, this work inspired me to look at modern western culture in the role of the observer. My goal was to understand how as a culture, we became so disconnected from ourselves, the world around us & the legacies of our Ancestors & how we could bring it back to revitalize our relationships with each other & the world around us.

Since that time, I’ve been deeply involved in ritual & genealogy working to unearth the teachings of my ancient wise Ancestors– Neolithic farmers, healers, ritualists, rebels, freedom fighters, sacred grove tenders, immigrants, adventurers, matriarchs & blue-collar workers to understand how we thrived for millennia.

I poured through myths, fairy tales, and legends, as well as stories & histories for nuggets of how they lived & how they thought about the world around them.

What made them fundamentally different?

Maybe like me, your head is often in the past, immersed in folklore and fairy tales. Do you see rich, intact, grounded traditions present in other cultures and feel deep regret that your own got so lost? Do you want your life to be full of the magic, mystery, and meaning in the old stories?

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When I finally became a mother my concern for the destination of the fast-tracked world only grew. I thought about my own children and what kind of a world I want for them & how to possibly equip them with a sense of belonging – to a people, a land, a heritage—common threads many of the indigenous people I worked with seemed to have– to feel more grounded in this frenetic world.

As busy mom, I needed these lofty ambitions to underscore everything I do, to fit seamlessly into our lives.

Don’t laugh. Although it seems like a tall order, all it took was a shift in perspective.

I realized the answer lies in having an aligned worldview because how we see the world molds our lives in its image. It informs our values & ultimately helps us make important decisions & take action.

When I pulled together all the things that I love: folklore, traditions, old-world skills, language, cultural heritage, earth-honoring practices & demolishing the hierarchies & paradigms that keep us from recognizing our interdependence with all of life…

One word stood out: animism – the belief that everything is alive, sentient & lives with its own agency.

The last piece of the puzzle was working with my greatest teacher, my daughter. Neurodivergent, she came out of the womb railing against the status quo, making us question everything we thought we knew.

Over the last eight years, helping guide her to navigate her inner & outer worlds, I realized that in another time, when we lived in community & recognized differences as gifts, people would have seen her variants & channeled them into helping the community.

So, without the support of an intact, traditional community, how could I fill that role? Excavate challenging behaviors & traits to work in her favor? Turn them from straw to gold.

To honor them as Ancestral gifts honed over millennia to guide her success in life because Ancestral wisdom is not something we learn, it lives inside of each of our cells.

Supporting, honoring & nurturing our children’s diverse mindsets will play an essential role in making transformative change in the world. Especially the kids who don’t jive with modern structures & confines, the ones who struggle to conform are the greatest teachers for how we can live differently.

They can show us another way.

What if we reframed our approach to parenting & the period of childhood to supporting our children & their natural tendencies because we understand they don’t come to this world as a blank slate?

What if we understood our task is to help them navigate the modern world with their intuition intact to fulfill their soul contract?

We can do this resourced through support & aid of the Old Powers & Unseen ones—which manifest in our own intuition. We can resource ourselves in this sacred duty by trusting our gut & the traditional wisdom of our Ancestors.

We are magic.

The wisdom of every one of your Ancestors who ever walked the Earth has been finely tuned across space and time& you embody it. Our bodies – flesh, blood, bone house the love, wisdom & magic of our Ancestors.

We are the ones our Ancestors dreamed of.

We are the ones who can help build a better world, starting with creating a more aligned life for ourselves & our families.

Old Ways for Modern Families will help you unlock the skills, traditions & knowledge passed down from our Ancestors that are weaved in your DNA.

This sacred knowledge will help you to enchant your modern life and live the life of magic and connectedness that you seek. It will help you see that the simple daily acts & rituals you perform are the keys to creating the world you want to see– what we do ripples out to & changes the world around us.

This course will prove once & for all that the life of fantasy you long for is not escapism. Sometimes fairy tales, stories & art illustrate a lifestyle that is aligned with the world we want to live in, the life we need to create.

Old Ways for Modern Families is perfect for you if:

  • You are a parent, would-be parent, or caregiver
  • You want to reclaim the earth-centric & animistic traditions of our Ancestors & pass that knowledge on to the next generations
  • You’re spiritually-minded & want to weave magic into your family’s everyday activities
  • You want your kids to feel empowered by their innate gifts & support them in the work they came here to do
  • You’re ready to shed paradigms & systems that keep you from connecting more deeply with your family & the world around you
  • You believe you can help build a better world through caring for loved ones
  • Want to connect & build community with other parents on the same path

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In Old Ways for Modern Families You Will:

  • Unlock the Ancestral Wisdom already woven in your DNA by using 4 Keys: Food, Land, Tradition & Magic
  • Connect the keys to 3 major wisdom centers in the body to nurture & support your intuition as the major guiding light of your life
  • Receive easy practices to support your kids’ innate wisdom, curiosity & imagination
  • Use the stories your family loves to envision the world you want to live in & how to work towards it
  • Help your kids forge their own unique relationships with the Old Powers: Ancestors, Gods & other Spirits
  • Learn to use Sacred Curiosity to tap into simple joys & create meaningful family traditions with an animistic worldview
  • Learn how to use ancestral & folk traditions as a roadmap back to a place of belonging in the web of life we are a part of for ourselves & our children.
  • Model for your children that following our hearts & trusting our intuition is how we reach success & personal goals.

The “Old Ways for Modern Families” course next round is in the Spring of 2022
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Here’s What You’ll Find in Old Ways for Modern Families

  • 4 pre-recorded Modules, released weekly, starting October 27, including slides that you can refer to.
  • Each module comes with downloadable materials, which include:
  • A workbook
  • Resource Materials & Suggested Readings such as stories, myths, movies & songs to share/discuss with your children
  • Journal prompts to help you dive deeper into the work & how to incorporate it into your life
  • A combination of practical work along with rituals/meditations/recipes to lean into & utilize the material.
  • Lessons are released weekly, with a one-week pause halfway through.
  • Private Facebook Group to ask questions, but most importantly, build a vibrant community with other caregivers on the same path.

Why You’ll Love it

  • ?There is an overwhelming amount of information, ideas & strategies to connect to the Old Ways–We’ll use 4 simple keys: food, land, tradition & magic to easily shift perspective & unlock the ancient wisdom that lives inside you.
  • ? You’ll receive practices to revive the multi-dimensional, cyclical, seasonal, mythic & Earth-centric mindset of our Ancestors.
  • ?Focus on traditions, practices & activities that sustained our Ancestors over millennia rather than what the over culture dictates is important this minute.
  • ?Inspiration for all caregivers to embody the truth that when we care for children & elders, we tend Ancestors & Gods.
  • ?Down-to-Earth devotions that become seamless parts of our everyday life to ground us in our modern lives— steadfast in our love for Mother Earth, connected to each other & our non-human kin through respectful & reciprocal relationships & tuned into our intuition to receive the love, blessings & messages the Old Powers & Ancestors have for us.

The Curriculum

PRE-MODULE: The Old Ways, The Four Keys & Animism

Course Flow & Materials

  • Introduction to the terms “Old Ways” & “Animism” & how I use them for the purpose of this course.
  • Why Old Ways are important in the Modern World
  • The Importance of Myths & Fables
  • Modeling a Worldview for the Next Generations
  • Background the development of the 4 Keys: Food, Land, Tradition & Magic & how to use them to Unlock Ancestral Wisdom

MODULE 1: Food – The First Key

  • Traditional Foodways Cure Diet Culture
  • The Inherent Magic of Food
  • Food & Cooking Rituals
  • Eating Intimately & the Omnivore/Vegetarian Paradigm
  • Conscious & Mindful Eating
  • Feeding the Ancestors of Blood & Place

MODULE 2: Land- The Second Key

  • Belonging: Being with the Soil is Being with the Ancestors
  • Food & Land are Inseperable
  • Lessons from the Land: You are Never Alone
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Trees as Knowledge Keepers
  • Wights & Land Spirits

One Week Break

MODULE 3: Tradition – The Third Key

  • Traditions: The Roadmap to Wholeness

  • Passions: Finely Tuned Gifts from the Ancestors
  • Language: How our Ancestors Thought & How it Helps Us Today
  • How to Create Ancestral Legacy
  • Create Your Family’s Wheel of the Year

    MODULE 4: Magic – Live Your Myth

    • Integrating Food, Land, Tradition & Magic

    • What is Magic?
    • Working Towards an Intentional Life
    • The Mythic Mind
    • Receiving Guidance & Trusting Instincts
    • Myths & Stories Build Lives
    • The Nature of Magic
    • Signs & Synchronicity
    • Using Myths & Fables to Change the World

        MODULE 5: Sharing Final Project

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            When you sign up for Old Ways for Modern Families, you’re getting more than 6-weeks of information. You’re investing in a whole new way to relate to your children, honoring their individual spirits + spiraling back to your innate wisdom at the same time.

            Here’s everything you get when you sign up for Old Ways for Modern Families

            4 Pre-recorded Modules, released weekly starting October 27th, with a one-week pause halfway through.

            Each module comes with downloadable materials, which include:

            • A workbook
            • Resource Materials & Suggested Readings such as stories, myths & movies to share/discuss with your children
            • Journal prompts to help you dive deeper into the work & how to incorporate it into your life
            • Practical work, rituals & recipes to embody & utilize the material

            Private Facebook Group to ask questions, but most importantly, build community with other caregivers on the same path.


            BONUS #1 One-time Introductory Price of $296

            (regular price is $396)

            BONUS #2 Free Lifetime Access to Course

            Enrollment for 2021 is closed.

            Get on the waiting list for the next turn in the Spring.

            The “Old Ways for Modern Families” course next round is in the Spring of 2022

            I’m Jenn Campus. Author, anthropologist & mythologist. I’m also a busy mom of two young kids who I want to raise with the animistic worldview of my Ancestors.

            As a Mythologist and Scribe of The Old Ones, I translate the unspoken words of the unseen world into stories that captivate our imagination and stir us to come into right relationship with the world and all its inhabitants.

            As an Anthropologist, I distill those esoteric experiences down to their essence to create various practical frameworks to inspire you to create your own simple daily rituals and traditions that you can apply today to become re-enchanted with the world around you. These traditions can then be left as a legacy to the ones who come after us.

            I’m a two-time best-selling author. I have a degree in Anthropology and Indigenous/Native American Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. As a Third Road Initiate, and through self-study of the esoteric arts, I have decades’ worth of experience creating rituals and family traditions.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            I am new to animism. Is this course too advanced for me?

            I’m all about meeting you where you are, which is why I explain concepts, illustrate them with stories & examples, give ideas /suggestions & ask you open-ended questions. Then you use the frameworks I’ve provided to dig deep into your own work, which can be as simple or advanced as you are. When we reframe the mundane actions, we do each day and discover their inherent sacredness, it changes the entire perspective of our lives. Something as simple as baking fresh, homemade bread or brewing a cup of tea becomes potent magic. When we love and care for our children, families, and other loved ones, we tend to the Ancestors and the Gods themselves.

            I’m a well-seasoned ritualist. Is this class too introductory for me?

            See above

            But why should we go back to the Old Ways of thinking? Isn’t that just going backward?

            Many of us are drawn to participate in traditions to preserve the past in the face of modernization & globalization, values & ethics that don’t align with what our intuition tells us about how we should live upon the Earth. So, we look back to practices that our Ancestors, those who were living in relationship with the land, created to help us find our way.

            When we choose to bring the Old Ways into our modern days, we honor the past wisdom of our elders and make it a part of our future. We build a stronger foundation for ourselves to navigate changing and uncertain times and offer a brighter, more solid future for those who come after us.

            Aren’t traditions exclusionary & stagnant?

            The way I explain them traditions are about serving, revitalizing & nourishing us & our community – our relationships with all the others. The nature of the sacredness of traditions & the beauty of their power is in sharing them— with passion, love & joy.

            How much time will I need to devote to the course each week?

            Each pre-recorded lesson is about 30 minutes. Then depending on how much you want to dive into the other resources, it could be between 2-4 extra hours per week.

            What if I miss a session?

            Since all the lessons are pre-recorded, you can never miss a session! Yay!

            What are the dates?

            • Wednesday, October 27, 2021 – First module release
            • Wednesday, November 3, 2021 – Second module release
            • Break of one week
            • Wednesday, November 10, 2021 – Third module release
            • Wednesday, November 17, 2021 – Fourth module release
            • TBD – Live group celebration & sharing final projects
            • Ongoing – Private Facebook Group

            Will I have access after the program ends?

            Yes, you will have lifetime access to the course

            When will it be offered again?

            It will be offered again in the Spring but at a higher cost.

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            The “Old Ways for Modern Families” course next round is in the Spring of 2022