Merry Yule to everyone! This is the day of the actual Winter Solstice. Now, winter solstice doesn’t always fall on the second day of Yule. Sometimes it falls on the third. However, this year, it is on Day 2.

This is always my busiest day of the Yuletide with many things to do. I got up this morning before dawn for a sun vigil and meditated a little before sunrise. At sunrise, I gave an offering of butter to Sunna, the sun goddess said some prayers and did a bunch of sun salutations.

Yesterday, on Mother’s Night we baked aebelskiver as an offering to our female ancestors, and this morning we will eat those little sun shaped globes for breakfast with melted butter and honey.

Since we are major foodies in this house and holidays tend to center around food for us, there will be a lot of cooking today. We will be making a pork roast with rødkål and roasted potatoes for dinner. For dessert, we will feast on risgrøt mixed with cream and topped with sour cherry sauce and then we will leave an offering of it for our Tomtens.

We also do a family Yule ritual together and burn a Yule Log.

(In this post I write about the folklore of Tomtens, Nisser, and Yule Elves).To learn more about the significance of why we eat certain foods or leave them as offerings, and what kind of rituals we do with the family, check out my book A Guide to Celebrating The 12 Days of Yule where I discuss the folklore surrounding the various foods we prepare for Winter Solstice and how you can celebrate it with your own loved ones.

What solstice foods do you prepare? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!