March is a month of transition and renewal when the cold touch of winter begins to yield to the budding promise of spring. It’s a period that invites us to awaken from our winter slumber and embrace the burgeoning life around us. In the spirit of this seasonal shift, Old Ways for Modern Days has curated a treasure trove of resources, guiding you through the rich tapestry of March’s magic and folklore.

March’s Enchanting Offerings for all!

Ostara: Hope Springs Eternal (Article): As a prelude to our comprehensive March Seasonal Guide, this article delves into the essence of Ostara, the spring equinox. Explore the hopeful themes of rebirth and renewal and get a scrumptious seasonal recipe for Scotch Eggs, embodying the essence of spring’s promise. This teaser offers a glimpse into the deeper explorations in the full guide, March: Hope Springs Eternal. Also, available when you become an Old Ways for Modern Days Resource Library Subscriber.

Thresholds to the Otherworld (Article): Thorn & Hedge Magic- Delve into the lore of Blackthorn and Hawthorn, gateways to the Otherworld, and their connection to the fair folk and the spirits of the land.

Old Ways for Modern Days Podcast – March: Ostara– This episode is a celebration of spring’s potential and hope, weaving together common symbols, stories, and practical ways to engage with the season.

Exclusive Old Ways for Modern Days Resource Library Subscribers

Artichoke Magic Booklet: Uncover the mystical and culinary marvels of artichokes. This booklet delves into their history, folklore, and the rituals surrounding this emblem of spring’s potential, complemented by scrumptious recipes.

Members-Only Ritual: This month, join us for a unique ritual that resonates with the energy of spring, designed to set powerful intentions for the season ahead. Details to be announced.

Witches’ Brews: Continue your exploration of the enchanting world of teas. Learn about tea divination, the significance of tea as offerings, and indulge in some of my personal favorite blends crafted for devotional purposes.

For those who wish to delve deeper into these offerings, the full list of resources, including exclusive content, is available through our Patreon: Access Full Resources.

A Journey of Renewal and Discovery

March offers a unique opportunity to align with the natural world’s cycle of rebirth. Old Ways for Modern Days is here to accompany you on this journey, providing a blend of historical insights, practical wisdom, and spiritual guidance. As we traverse this month, let us open our hearts to the lessons and beauty it unfolds.

For those eager to dive deeper and access the full spectrum of resources, including the complete March Seasonal Guide Hope Springs Eternal, I invite you to explore our Patreon community here. It’s a space where the old ways meet modern days, creating a vibrant tapestry of shared wisdom and connection.

Embrace the magic of March with open arms and an open heart. Let the renewal of the earth inspire a renewal within, guiding you toward growth, joy, and the endless possibilities that spring heralds.