Summer is a magical time, ripe with abundance and long, sunlit days that echo the song of the ancients. As we stand on the threshold of July and August, I invite you to dive into the richness of folklore and mythology of the harvest season with the Old Ways for Modern Days Resource Library hosted on Patreon.

Lammas Resources

First, delve into the July/August Seasonal Guide

The 100-page downloadable guide focused on Lammas is a celebration of the first harvest and a time to honor the interconnectedness of community, land, and the divine. Uncover rituals, recipes, and activities designed to deepen your connection with the land and your ancestors.

Don’t forget to tune into the Lammas Podcast episode, where we explore a multitude of topics like weather gods, old Sardinian heat-escape techniques, and the delightful tale of Peter in Blueberry Land. Podcasts are a free offering to all!

In case you missed it, you can get a taste of ancestral wisdom with Lammas Berry Bread. It’s more than food – it’s a bridge through time, marrying the past with the present in a delightful and sensory experience.

Resource Library Exclusives

Witches’ Brews is a comprehensive guide to the lore and uses of over 30 plants, complete with 35+ recipes for your at-home apothecary! In issue #3, we journey into the realm of magical herbs and hedge magic. Read the first two issues here!

Then, pack your virtual bags with the Animist Atlas, a guide to mindful travel focusing on Italian Islands but offering advice for meaningful journeys across the globe. This short guide, perfect for summer travel, is an introduction to ttraveling with an animist perspective. It will be available to all subscribers in July!

Next, delve into Indo-European spirituality with Sacred Threads, where we draw parallels between early Germanic and Roman cultures creating a fascinating tapestry of their shared Indo-European cultural heritage. By juxtaposing ancient practices with modern understanding, this scholarly yet accessible work provides a fresh lens through which to understand the hallmarks of these civilizations and how they influence us, the descendants of Indo-Europeans, today.

Issue #2 was released last week. This section of the study draws fascinating connections between Norse and Roman societies, revealing the profound, intricate role of sexuality in both.

Key insights are drawn from a unique focus on femininity, sexual symbols in magic, and the roles of women as intermediaries between mortal and divine. From the potent creative energy of virgin priestesses to showcasing how sexual symbols, revered as life-giving and protective, permeated their everyday lives, we delve into women’s unique influence in the magical practices of these societies.

Don your armor for Sacred Threads #3 (coming in August!), where we honor the path of the warrior in Germanic and Roman societies, exploring the mythology, values, and warrior figures that have shaped these cultures. Available to all subscribers in August.

Free Offerings for All

Dive deeper into the magic of Sardinia, with the Sardinia podcast episode, exploring food, land, tradition, and magic as the keys to unlock ancestral wisdom. Follow it up with the Eat Like an Italian – 3-Part Series, exploring the Mediterranean diet, Blue Zones, and an animist’s approach to healing disordered eating patterns.

The season of harvest is upon us – let’s make it a time of personal growth, too.

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