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In the latest Old Ways for Modern Days Podcast, Day of the Dead, I talk with my friend Liz Muñoz about her Chichimeca, Huichol, and Otomi Ancestral traditions for this important celebration.

In this season of Old Ways for Modern Days, I am talking with guests from various backgrounds who have inspired me in my own Ancestral reclamation journey.

Old Ways for Modern Days Podcast: Season 3

The focus of the episodes this year is how modern-day people are tapping into their Ancestral gifts. Those skill sets have been finely tuned over generations by our Ancestors, unique to our lineages and us as individuals. We can use them to serve our wider community, including other humans, non-human kin, and those residing in liminal spaces.

The show aims to illustrate how we are already connected to this consciousness. Sharing how we can cultivate more connections in our everyday life and tasks by remembering the unspoken rules of reciprocity, community, and above all –respect for all life.

Season 3, Episode 1: Day of the Dead

In the first episode, Liz and I talk about why people celebrate Día de Muertos and some of the ways her Ancestors celebrated. She also shares specific components on the altars, their significance, regional differences, and how the items have changed in modern times. She also tells us why she has brought Ancestor reverence into the forefront of her life and how she is passing it on to the next generations.

Join Liz Virtually in Mexico for Día de Muertos

Liz will be in Mexico this year (2023) for Día de Muertos. She is inviting all of us to follow her journey, where she will show us some local celebrations featuring traditional food! I have followed Liz on her trips back to Mexico many times, and she always delivers interesting tidbits and mouthwatering morsels. You don’t want to miss it.

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