As the crisp air whispers of winter’s arrival, the ancient celebration of Yule beckons us once again. In my latest book, the second extended edition of the #1 Bestselling Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule, I invite you to journey through the heart of this magical season. Today, on my birthday and the day of our book launch, I’m thrilled to share with you the essence of Yule and the enchantment it holds. In this post, I’m sharing about the book, my writing process, the enchanting artwork, as well as special, limited-time gifts from me to you! I’m so excited, so let’s get started!

The Essence of Yule & A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule

Yule, an age-old winter festival, has been a source of wonder and mystery throughout the ages. In A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule, you’ll find a treasure trove of traditions, lore, and rituals that breathe life into this timeless celebration. This book isn’t just a collection of activities and recipes; it’s a portal to understanding the deeper significance of Yule and its enduring magic.

My Journey in Writing This Book

Crafting this book has been a journey of heart and soul. I wrote the first edition six years ago, and have spent the last two researching this new edition. Drawing from my extensive experience as a folklorist and anthropologist, I delved deep into the roots of Yule traditions. My travels and studies across diverse cultures enriched the pages, bringing to you a blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights. This book is more than just a guide; it’s a reflection of my lifelong dedication to unearthing and sharing the profound connections we have with our traditions and the natural world.

Why I Am a Trusted Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule

For over a decade, I’ve been guiding individuals to reconnect with the cycles of nature through rituals and celebrations. My approach weaves together the threads of folklore, culinary arts, and ancestral wisdom, offering a practical yet soulful way to engage with our rich heritage. A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule is the culmination of this journey, offering you a chance to celebrate Yule with depth and personal meaning.

The Tonttu Takeover Campaign

In the gift-giving spirit of Yule and to mark this special launch, we’ve created the Tonttu takeover campaign – a series of delightful promotions to enhance your Yule celebration. This is based on the Huldufólk (or “hidden people”) concept of “a gift for a gift”.

From exclusive Q&A sessions to special discounts for Patreon members and past buyers, we’re bringing the spirit of Yule to you in unique ways. Newsletter subscribers & free Patreon members also get the first two chapters for free, a little gift from us to you this Yule season.

If you purchased the 1st edition of the book, just email me ( proof of purchase and I will send you a discount code for the new one! Those who have purchased recently will get a free upgrade (valid with proof of purchase between September and December 2023).


As we embrace the winter and the magic of Yule, “A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule” is your companion in discovering the joy and wisdom of this ancient festival. It’s not just about celebrating; it’s about connecting – with our past, with the natural world, and with the essence of Yule.

Join me in this celebration of Yule, and let’s rekindle the magic of this wondrous season together. For now, enjoy some of these spectacular images from the book!

Discover the magic of Yule and get your copy today. Visit the sales page for more information. Visit the Old Ways for Modern Days Resource Library on Patreon to explore the special Tonttu takeover promotions. Let’s make this Yule a celebration to remember!

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