The Earth is Our Mother. When we connect to the knowledge that She is our oldest Ancestor it’s impossible not to fall in love with Her beauty & goodness. It becomes easier to recognize the gifts our good mother provides us at all times.

The Earth is Our Mother: April Seasonal Guide

Earth is our most ancient Ancestor. In this 70+ page guide, we explore how our intimate connection to the Earth and her many gifts has informed our myths and folklore over the millennia. Is miraculous your natural state of being? Re-imagine a new, more just, and diverse world by following nature’s lead, meet some giants and hug some trees. Get Your Copy today!

Miraculous is Our Natural State of Being

When we live in this Earth-centered enchantment and deep love we make miracles for ourselves & others. Therefore, miraculous becomes our natural state of being because we are tapped into the constant exchange of gifts. Miracles don’t have to be expensive. I’m not talking about the common high vibe discourse. I’m talking about real miracles that have profound effects on our everyday lives. Like…

The exchange of breath between humans & trees – our very breath a gift from the trees in our neighborhood. The food on our table gifts from the plant and animal kingdoms that allow us to live healthy lives. We see our peaceful homes as gifts from the spirits of the place where we live, resulting from our reciprocal relationship with them. Miracles.

Our Blood & Bones Remember

If we go far enough back in time, all of our ancestors understood our interconnectedness with the world. It was as basic as breathing. Our ancestors had relationships with other animals, with trees, and other plants, with rocks, Earth, and waters, and local spirits of the land that they honored. There was a sacred contract between them to never take more than they needed and to give back to the broader community in the form of offerings, prayers, and rituals. We had respect for each other, and we honored each other’s lives. Our blood and bones remember this honoring, and deep inside us all, we long for a return to that system.

One of Sardinia’s Stone Guardians

Mother Earth is Alive

Mother Earth is sentient, and you can take that literally, or you can take it to mean that the Earth is populated by sentient beings all living their lives to survive and thrive. Therefore, we live in a web of life where everyone and all of our lives weave together to support life on this planet, even humans. It works.

Though it is crucial to be conscious of our actions and respectful in our interactions with all other living beings, many different levels are going on beyond our comprehension. There are so many other beings in this support system that it is completely OK not to do it all. Just by existing, you are “doing it.” We are part of nature, and by existing, we are fulfilling a larger purpose, even if we never know what it is while we are here.

Audrey Hepburn said, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I say, to plant a tree is to believe in generations of tomorrows.

~Jenn Campus

I believe we are responsible for the world we want to gift to our descendants. It is often difficult with so much injustice happening in the world to know where to put our efforts to get real actionable change in our lifetimes. We as individuals can’t speak to it all. We have to decide where our work lies and know that others can speak up for and speak to other problems our world faces. We also have to accept that we might not see the change we hope for in our lifetimes. Yet, if we help the next generations understand our hopes and dreams for a better world, they might.

None of us are equipped to see to it all. Understanding this comes from a deep trust in the interconnectedness of all.

We are single trees in a forest, part of a vast ecosystem, connected at incomprehensibly deep layers. We sway back and forth, basking in the same light of the sun, our thirst quenched by the same rain, and when we’re gone, what remains of us nourishes the Earth.


In many cultures Mother Earth is personified as a Giantess. In various European cosmologies there are myths that the body of a Giant created the Universe. In some stories a Giantess is the mother of all life, including the Gods. There are many connections between Earth Goddesses, Giants, stones, Spring and the dawn.

In this 30-minute episode for the month of April in our Wheel of the Year series, we explore the intimate connection to the Earth and through her, our relationships with non-human kin. I share how these beliefs shaped our myths and folklore over the millennia. I also share some ancestral and earth-honoring practices to align our ancient hearts to the rhythm of this month’s seasonal changes. Please, enjoy the episode!

We Are Alive Thanks to Trees

We, as humans, need the breath of trees to survive. Through their leaves, trees take in the carbon dioxide from the air that humans breathe out. Too much carbon dioxide is toxic to us. But trees use it to make the sugar that becomes their food, and then they release oxygen they don’t use back through their leaves.

In fact, every human needs about 8 individual trees per year to get enough oxygen to live and breathe. Therefore, a holiday like Earth, Arbor or Yggdrasil Day that celebrates trees is one deserving of an entry in your yearly calendar. It is my belief that we should each strive to tend to eight trees if we can as a way to ensure our health and that of our plant allies. Even if you don’t have 8 trees in your yard (you might not even have a yard!), get to know some particular trees in your neighborhood or vicinity and visit them often. Thank them for the air you breathe, water them, leave offerings and maybe even hug one once in a while.

Earth: Giantess & Mother of the Gods

In European mythology, we see a repeated connection between mountains, giants, and Earth Goddesses. As an example, I’ll illustrate this relationship in the way that some Sardinians believe that their Ancestors were giants.

Evidence of Giants in Sardinia?

Here in Sardinia, people have found larger than human bones, and there are ancient stories that giants once roamed this mythical island and that they are the ancient Ancestors of the Sardinian people. It doesn’t help that we have 800 Tomba di giganti or giant’s tombs that dot the landscape.

Many archaeologists believe they were massive burial mounds that housed hundreds of human remains. Other researchers believe these are actually the tombs of giants.

If you drive around and see the many faces etched into the craggy rocks of the island, is it not too hard to imagine that they’ve all just gone to sleep. But what is certain is that these tombs were extremely sacred sites to this island’s ancient people. These were people who took care to honor their beloved dead by building these magnificent sites which still stand today. Modern people even come to leave offerings for the ancient ones, which gladdens my heart every time.

One day we will all be Ancestors of the place where we live our lives and where our remains rest. If the Gods allow, my bones will one day nourish this land, as she has nurtured us. One day the island will hold what is left of myself, my husband, and our children.

More about Giants, Trolls & Stone Guardians in the April Seasonal Guide: The Earth is Our Mother.

The April Seasonal Guide is all about connecting with the sentient Earth in all sorts of different ways. 70+ pages of:
*Folklore- The Earth & Giants, Trolls & Stone Guardians
*Tree Magic
*Earth Goddesses
*Rituals & Offerings

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