Greetings, folklore fanatics! Your September Folkloric Almanac is ready.

September has rolled in, swathing us in a rich tapestry of crimson and gold. As the wheel turns, we find ourselves on the cusp of the enchanting Autumn Equinox, also called Mabon in some traditions.

What’s brewing this month?

Mabon/ Autumn Equinox Primers

Engage with our September monthly seasonal guide, exploring the depths of Mabon and the traditions around the equinox. Then tune into our September podcast, as we journey through folklore, myths, and the resonance of the Old Ways & Animism. Including a bit about Magic Apples: King Arthur, Avalon & the Golden Apples of Asgard.

Why Everyone Should Practice Hearth Magic (+ 3 ways to do it!)

Curious about the allure of hearth magic? I got you covered! Let’s infuse our every day with a sprinkle of old-world charm in my YouTube video- 3 Ways to Practice Hearth Magic.

Sacred Foods: Grain Magic

Ponder upon the intertwining destinies of humans and grains, and how this bond sculpted civilizations with this 665-page guide- when the tide turned to favor grain above all other food sources, the direction of human lives changed forever.

Botanical Anthology, Autumn 2023

My feature article about apple Divination in this season’s Botanical Anthology: Dive into autumnal lore with my article amidst a collective of other vibrant contributions! Get a discount code when you become an Old Ways for Modern Days resource library member!

My Latest Article, The Mysterious Domus de Janas: Unveiling Sardinia’s Fairy Houses

In this article, we explore the Domus de Janas, the abodes of fairies or witches, linking history, mythology, plant magic, and the mystical world of the ancestors.

Glimpses into Witches’ Brews & Sacred Threads

Witches’ Brews contains 40 seasonal recipes, plus history, folklore, health, and magical properties for about 30 sacred plants (especially ones from folklore and fairytales!)

Sacred Threads explores the mystery of pre-Christian Germanic, Celtic and Ancient Roman spirituality and how they connect to their Indo-European roots through the common hallmarks of their cultures.

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Mabon! Happy Autumn Equinox!