As the rich hues of October sweep the landscape, our minds and souls are drawn into the heart of autumn—a time of gathering, remembering, and deep spiritual connections. October offers us more than just a shift in the weather; it provides a gateway to ancestral wisdom, magic, and traditions that span millennia.

Here is a list of curated resources to delve into the wisdom of October.

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Delve deep into the heart of October’s mysteries. This episode reflects upon the season of communion with the Old Powers and the Otherworlds. Learn about the significance of honoring our ancestors—both human and otherkin—and immerse yourself in Samhain customs from around the world.
Ancestral Veneration for Children
Explore practical and grounded rituals designed to introduce the young ones to the age-old practice of ancestor veneration. Help them weave connections to the past, celebrate their unique gifts, and navigate life’s challenging moments.
Day of the Dead with Liz Muñoz
Liz Munoz takes us on a poignant journey, exploring the traditions and rich history of Día de Muertos. From altars for the beloved dead to the vibrant stories of Liz’s own Chichimeca, Huichol, and Otomi ancestors, this episode is a treasure trove of insights.


Beginning Ancestral Veneration for Children
A guide to opening the doors of communication with the ancestors for the young and young at heart.

What’s in A Name
How naming our children Ancestral names holds potent magic

Elves & Ancestors at Samhain
A dive into the mystical connections between elves and our ancestors during the profound period of Samhain.

5 Ways to Build Ancestral Legacy Today! Start building an ancestral legacy today with these 5 practices.

Rowan- The Sacred Witch Tree
Rowan, often referred to as the Witch Tree, holds a profound place in folklore. Unearth its magical attributes and significance.

Subscription-Based Resources:

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Samhain Guide
Delve into the cross-cultural celebrations that mark the end of October. This guide is a repository of history, folklore, and activities that can help you celebrate the beloved dead and prepare for the darker half of the year.
Acorn Magic
The acorn, a food source rich in history and tradition, awaits your exploration. This 50+ page booklet is a blend of history, folklore, magic, and even a ritual recipe.