IMAGES: by Roberto Campus, Featured in the (upcoming!) Second Edition of A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule.

As December’s chill wraps us in its frosty embrace, I am excited to share a collection of resources crafted over the past five years, all resonating with the rhythm of the seasons and highlighting the magical 12 Days of Yule.

For over a decade, I’ve delved deep into the research, writing, and teaching of the Yule season. It’s more than just a festive time for me; it’s a significant part of my life’s work. My goal is to bring relevance and richness to this season for everyone, blending folklore, engaging activities, meaningful rituals, and delightful recipes. Each year, I add to this trove of Yule knowledge, ensuring there’s always something new and enchanting to discover.

Podcasts: Cozy Conversations & Mystical Insights – Free for Everyone

Hygge: Dive into the transformative power of Hygge. This episode redefines coziness as a force for intentional living, inspired by the simplicity of Hobbit life.

The Twelve Days: December Almanac (Fair Folk Podcast with Danica Boyce): Honored to be interviewed by Danica Boyce, we delve into the liminal time that is the 12 Days of Christmas, why our Ancestors considered it a time apart and how we can celebrate today.

A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days Of Yule – Mini Course Intro: Get a preview of the magical journey in the “12 Days Of Yule Mini Course.”

Exclusive Patreon Content: Your Gateway to an Enriched Yuletide

Exclusive to our Patreon community, these offerings are a testament to the depth of our exploration into Yule traditions:

December Seasonal Guide: Gettin’ Hygge with It: A 28-page deep dive into the world of Hygge, revealing its potential to transform our approach to the winter season.

Discount on the “Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule Mini-Course”: A rich audio journey that begins on Mother’s Night (December 20th), is filled with daily rituals, stories, and recipes.

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Blog Articles: Exploring the Depths of Yule – Free for Everyone

Yuletide blog articles offer a window into the many facets of Yule. From Yule Elf Folklore for Children to detailed explorations of various days of Yule, these posts are free for everyone. Find them by searching “YULE” in the search box, or from the “Related Posts” section at the bottom of the Yule Elf article.

Seasonal Rituals on Patreon & Daily Updates on Instagram

For all Patreon tiers, look forward to extra rituals and daily updates about each of the 12 Days of Yule. Look forward to exclusive rituals shared on Patreon, including celebrations for Perchta, Frau Holle, Befana, and possibly more.

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Announcing the Second Edition of ‘A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule’

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Whether through podcasts, blog articles, exclusive Patreon content, or the upcoming book release, immerse yourself in the ancient magic of Yule. Let’s revive these timeless traditions, weaving them into our modern lives for a truly magical holiday season.