This November, we’re peeling back the layers of time, unmasking its true essence. From vibrant harvest celebrations and rituals grounded in ancestral wisdom, we work to dismantle the modern, distorted history of “Thanksgiving.”

The true narrative of November – centered around harvest rites and spirit exchanges – is far more enriching than the modern, damaging “Thanksgiving” tale. Demand authenticity, honor our ancestors, and immerse yourself in the deep wisdom they offer. Let’s celebrate the true spirit of November.

Below is a collection of lovingly curated resources that beckon you to come, learn, and celebrate.
Rather than just handing you knowledge, I invite you to look within yourself and explore the possibility of authentically celebrating this season.

Old Ways for Modern Days Resource Library: Exclusive Offerings

For those truly devoted to embracing the Old Ways for Modern Days, membership to the Resource Library on Patreon opens a treasure trove:

November Seasonal Guide
(downloadable & audio versions!): Navigate through the historical evolution of November, unearthing its vibrant traditions and confronting harmful modern interpretations. Stay tuned! An audio format of the downloadable guide is on its way, edited for an immersive listening experience. Ideal for those autumnal commutes or savoring with a warming spiced cider.

Acorn Magic: Unlock the mysteries of the once vital food source of our ancestors – the Acorn. This 50+ page booklet delves into the history, folklore, and enchanting recipes centered around this mystical nut.

A Guide to Celebrating the 12 Days of Yule (Sneak Preview!): Good news for all Old Ways for Modern Day Resource Library Members on Patreon: you’ll be treated to an exclusive sneak peek of the eagerly anticipated second edition! Over the past years, I’ve dived deeper into the essence of Yuletide, expanding on crafts, activities, rituals, and recipes. This guide promises a richer understanding and celebration of each of the 12 Days and, due to popular demand, will be available in print!

Sacred Threads, Issue #3: Unravel humanity’s uneasy relationship with conflict. Understanding our ancient impulses and weaving them into our modern narratives allows us to honor our ancestors and carve a path for the future where the essence of a warrior finds expression in actions that heal, protect, and unite.

Free Tidbits

For those looking for a sprinkle of magic!

Podcast Episodes: Available on my SoundCloud Channel:
November: Sacrifice & Gratitude: Dive into the deep and ancient roots of what we now recognize as “Thanksgiving.” Understand the true significance of harvest, the essence of sacrifice, offerings, and the profound exchange between the human and spirit world.

Hearth Magic: Unveil the magic lurking in daily practices. Domestic rituals are powerful, often serving as gateways to the Otherworld. Delve into the nuances and potency of Hearth Magic, discovering how the simplest tasks can be infused with intention, vision, and, yes, sheer magic.

Blog Articles:

Hearth Magic: Portal to the Otherworld: Realize that every corner of your home, especially the hearth, holds keys to realms beyond our own.

Little Known Late Autumn Fruits: This upcoming blog article will explore the historical, mythological & health properties of several little-known autumn fruits: quince, sloes, corbezzolo, medlar & wild pear. Stay tuned!

Journey with us as we reclaim ancestral wisdom, understand seasonal rhythms, and infuse our daily lives with age-old practices. 🍂