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Acorns are an abundant food source which our resilient Ancestors used to survive hard times. Acorns are also an important component of European folklore, used in folk magic wherever oak trees live.

Sacred Oaks

To understand the magic of acorns, we must first learn of their sacred origins.

The people of many ancient European cultures venerated the mighty oak as the king of the forest. Oaks took center stage in the many myths of the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Slavs, and Germanic tribes. In The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries, author Evans-Wenze proclaims that “the oak is pre-eminently the holy tree of Europe.”

The idea of eating acorns is appealing to those of us who love myth and folklore because they are so often seen and spoken of on the pages of fairy tales because they were so important to the myths and origin stories of many of our Ancestors.

The thrill of eating Acorns is in part to participate in one of the old stories and let such an ancient food source continue to feed our imaginations in addition to our bodies.

You can forage these delicious and highly nutritious nuts when they are in season wherever mature oaks grow. This history between human need and the partnership with the nut lends much of the magic to the acorn. Like its ability to help humans persevere in most difficult times, the existence of acorns reminds us to protect nature, for that which the land around us produces ultimately feeds us.

Magic can be very practical in nature.

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Acorns Were Sacred to our Ancestors

If you are curious about acorn & oak lore from around Europe & how to forage, prepare & eat acorns, you’ll love Sacred Foods: Acorn Magic, exclusive to Old Ways for Modern Days Patreon members. It’s a 50-page booklet featuring stories and the folklore, history, and magic of sacred oak groves, famous and divine oaks, druids and various European oak tree spirits.

Acorn Magic

Looking at the folk beliefs about acorns and oak trees, plus considering some of the scientific and anthropological findings, we might surmise that consuming acorns can support our magical workings in various ways, just as the druids did.

The Druidess, oil on canvas, by French painter Alexandre Cabanel(1823–1890)

From the time of the expansive Roman Empire to the age of Christianity, the felling of oak groves was a major part of the conquest and later religious conversion of the native peoples of Europe. Despite this, in many countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia many ancient sacred groves still remain.

In the booklet I share many ideas for putting acorn magic into practice in the modern age, from protection to prosperity, glamours and stewardship magic.

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