Food security is an important topic due to what is happening in the world right now. The uncertainty many people feel right now about how to prepare for the weeks and months ahead can drive panicked behavior. Having the resources you need to thrive during a global pandemic is no small worry.

Therefore, I decided to roll out my new podcast, Old Ways for Modern Days, a little sooner than anticipated.

Old Ways for Modern Days Podcast

This podcast has been brewing for a while. In my last newsletter, I talked about how diverse people come to the same subject from different avenues. In that vein, I understand that some people prefer audio experiences, and so from your helpful feedback, I am going ahead with the podcast, now.

Listen, below:


I was compelled to start right away because I believe I have something to offer to my community right now. I’ve been urged by more than a few to share my knowledge and passion for preparedness to help others navigate the murky waters of our current circumstances.

I have special expertise in living a self-sufficient life. My husband and I had a homestead in Vermont for almost 10 years where we raised chickens, sheep, and goats, and tended extensive vegetable and herb gardens.

I have taught cooking classes to children and adults, and even developed a program for members of WIC (Women, Infants and Children), while I was also a member of WIC,  to make the best use of their food program and I was also involved in WIC’s Farm to Food program in Vermont. So I know how to make the best of your resources on a super tight budget (stay tuned for details on an upcoming class devoted to this topic).

Ancestors and Food Security

In this very first episode I invite you to proudly draw on the wisdom and traditions of your wise ancestors to find ways to provide food security for your family in times of scarcity. This is not about hoarding, it is about tapping into pearls of wisdom, old adages, and mottos that validate our innate knowledge that often bubbles up and calls on us to act in times of crisis. I share with you easy ways to be more prepared, and possibly even make your life a little easier in the process.

Please join me for a quick 25 minute primer for preparedness that doesn’t come from fear, but from what we already know. I hope you enjoy it.

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