Foraging has been a part of human history for as long as we’ve walked this Earth. But in my own journey, I’ve come to embrace a more nuanced approach: micro-foraging.

What is Micro-Foraging?

It isn’t about vast hauls or plentiful baskets. It’s about intention, mindfulness, and respect. Every time I step out into the woods or wander along a meadow, I’m not just looking for plants; I’m seeking a connection. I listen to the land, work to understand its rhythms and honor the spirits that reside within and weave through it.

Micro-foraging is a two-way street. While the Earth offers its bounty, I ensure that my actions are sustainable, taking only what I’ll use and ensuring the continued prosperity of the ecosystem. With each sprig or berry, I’m deepening my bond with nature, understanding that I’m not an outsider but an intrinsic part of this beautiful web of life.

Witches’ Brews

“Micro-foraging is not merely a practice but a philosophy. In a world where our relationship with nature is often characterized by taking, micro-foraging beckons us towards a path of reverence and reciprocity. As we tread lightly, harvesting with intent and gratitude, we rekindle a bond with the Earth that has sustained humanity for millennia…

In embracing micro-foraging, we don’t just rediscover old ways; we pave the path for a future where humanity and nature thrive once again side by side, where ancient wisdom informs modern practice, and where each of us becomes both a guardian and a student of the Earth.” ~Jenn Campus from Witches’ Brews—Teas, Sauces & Other Potions: Old World Lore & Recipes from Hearth & Hedge

In the most recent issue of Witches’ Brews, we unveil the practice of micro-foraging, a practice that connects us to our ancestors’ relationship with plants. Then, dive deep into the rich history and lore of the everyday herbs in our kitchens. Each herb, whether it’s the vibrant basil or the potent black pepper, tells a story. They serve not just as culinary delights but as windows into the practices and stories of our ancestors.

Witches’ Brews is more than a compilation of recipes or a list of plants and their properties. Penned by an anthropologist and passionate animist (that’s me!), it’s a celebration of the deep-rooted connections we share with the plant kingdom.

By the end of the book, you will have nearly 40 seasonal recipes, along with the history, folklore, and health benefits of about 30 sacred plants. For those interested in mythology, folklore, herbalism, and sacred homemaking, Witches’ Brews offers a well-researched approach to enrich your daily practices.