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Old Ways for Modern Families is a self guided journey that helps you tend the flame of your Ancestors. We’ll weave old-world traditions, skills & magic seamlessly into your modern daily life so you can support your children’s innate wisdom, which nurtures their connection to the enchanted world around them.

If you’re concerned about how the world is going, supporting & nurturing our children’s diverse mindsets will play an essential role in making transformative changes in the world.

In Old Ways for Modern Families, we’ll tap into the wisdom of our Ancestors to do this & so much more.

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Pre-Module: Old Ways, Four Keys & Animism

This is an introduction to the terms Old Ways & Animism & how I use them for the purpose of this course. There is also some background on the development of the 4 Keys: Food, Land,Tradition & Magic & how we can use them to Unlock Ancestral Wisdom.


How the Course Works (PDF) Introduction to the Old Ways (Audio)

Module 1: Food – The First Key

Traditional Foodways; Cure Diet Culture; The Inherent Magic of Food; Food & Cooking Rituals; Eating Intimately & the Omnivore/Vegetarian Paradigm; Conscious & Mindful Eating; Feeding the Ancestors of Blood & Place


Food – Story Food – The First Key (Video Lesson) Food – The First Key (Journal Prompts) Food – The First Key (Workbook)

Module 2: Land- The Second Key

Belonging: Being with the Soil is Being with the Ancestors; Food & Land are Inseperable; Lessons from the Land: You are Never Alone; Non-Verbal Communication; Trees as Knowledge Keepers; Wights & Land Spirits


Land – The Second Key (Video Lesson) Land – Second First Key (Journal Prompts) Land – Second First Key (Workbook) Land – Story

MODULE 3: Tradition – The Third Key

Traditions: The Roadmap to Wholeness; Passions: Finely Tuned Gifts from the Ancestors; Language: How our Ancestors Thought & How it Helps Us Today; How to Create Ancestral Legacy


Tradition – The Third Key (Video Lesson) Tradition – Third Key (Journal Prompts) Tradition – Third Key (Workbook) Tradition – Story

MODULE 4: Magic – Live Your Myth

Integrating Food, Land, Tradition & Magic; What is Magic? Working Towards an Intentional Life; The Mythic Mind; Receiving Guidance & Trusting Instincts; Myths & Stories Build Lives; The Nature of Magic; Signs & Synchronicity; Using Myths & Fables to Change the World


Magic – The Fourth Key (Video Lesson) Magic – Fourth Key (Journal Prompts) Magic – Fourth Key (Workbook) Magic – Story

MODULE 5: Sharing Final Project

We will share a project incorporating the 4 keys


Final Project : Integrated & Embodied Animism