Join the Raising a Child with Spirit Workshop

When: This *FREE* online workshop will be held on Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST / 7 PM CET
As parents and caregivers, we have such an important role to play in supporting our children to live the lives they came here to live, to do the work they came to do, in full expression of themselves.
AND We have to model it for them.
In this talk, I will share insights & ideas for how we can accomplish this.

This talk is for you if:

  • You want your kids to grow up believing in themselves, seeing their differences as their gifts, & watching them truly flourish through their connections to the Unseen.
  • We all come into this world with an animist point of view – but then it is stripped away from us. So how do we breathe, walk, and talk a mindset and worldview that is more aligned with the world we want to live in, that we want our children to grow up in?
  • In the talk I will share insights I’ve discovered by allowing my relationship with my Ancestors, the Gods, non-Human kin & MY CHILDREN to flourish & guide me on my parenting path.
  • I’ll share how this has helped us move away from the paradigms that plagued our Ancestors for generations upon generations – paradigms of fear, control & the conditioning of our innate inner guidance system.

When you register, you’ll receive:

  • A PDF of the slides I will use in the presentation (so you can follow along & go back to whenever you wish)
  • A workbook to take notes, which includes some journal prompts to work through in your own time
  • Reminders about the presentation
  • A link to the recording

About your Guide

I’m Jenn Campus. Author, anthropologist & mythologist.  I’m also a busy mom of two young kids who I want to raise with the animistic worldview of my Ancestors.
My daughter is neurodiverse, and she’s been my greatest teacher for re-aligning my own mindset to conceive of the world I want to live in & the values I want to pass on to the next generation.
Over the years, facing my daughter’s challenges with her, I’ve found easy & seamless tools, techniques & rituals to deepen my children’s already complex inner worlds so they can face the outer one with confidence.  These frameworks support their curious & imaginative minds & their intuitive ways of showing up in the world.
I want to support other parents & caregivers in doing the same in their families!