Sacred Foods – Grain: Magic

Sacred Foods – Grain: Magic


65+ pages downloadable PDF guide all about Grains


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Grain Folklore
  • Corn Dollies
  • The Final Cut
  • Bread Magic & Folk Beliefs
  • Women & Bread
  • Grains Changed Us
  • Sowing Wild Seeds
  • The Neolithic
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Modern Diet Culture vs. Ancient Worldview
  • A Grain of Evil
  • Diet Culture
  • Animism Could Be the Magic Bullet
  • Mabon
  • Grain Gods & Spirits
  • Grain Spirits
  • Rye Mother
  • Feldgeister
  • Werewolves & Ergotism
  • The Feldgeister Live On
  • Braided Bread Ritual
  • Fields of Gold
  • References
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65+ pages downloadable PDF guide all about Grains

The reciprocal relationship between humans and grains has been maintained in some form for the last 100,000 years. The story’s evolution tells us much about how our Ancestors lived and why they gave up the nomadic life of hunter-gatherers in favor of tending fickle plants.

As always this 65+ page booklet contains history, folklore, magic, and a ritual recipe. I hope you enjoy!


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