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Do you need a writer with a versatile portfolio, who can write on most topics and is easily brought up to speed? Or someone who is just passionate about the art of writing and research? Wish you could find a freelancer who was as passionate about your deadlines are you are? I’m here to help. I have a passion for timeliness and deadlines and offer writing services on a variety of topics from personal essay to technical writing. Past clients have been from start-ups and NGOs to popular blogs and well-established companies. My style is flexible and while I can take a project and run with it, I also love working with clients who want to be more involved. I deliver prompt work with attention to detail. Please contact me for full resume. To see samples of my work for clients, please check out my portfolio.


I offer editorial services through Ydalir Press.

Foreign English Editing

If English is not your first language but you have a large English speaking clientele, it is important that your words make sense to them. If you are advertising to clients who are also not native English speakers, it is even more important. Not being clear in those instances can create much confusion and you may lose sales because of it. I can help you get it right. Even if you are fluent in another language, you can’t always get the message across to native speakers of that language. Trust me I know, I’m an American living in Italy!  I will take your promotional copy, menus, signage, etc. and edit it to make sure your message comes across loud and clear to speakers of English.

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