About The Blog

Do you feel like you were born into the wrong time or place? Do you want to connect more deeply to the world around you? Do you want to live in myth or magic? I do too, and through creating simple daily rituals to enjoy the small joys and pleasures that life has to offer, I have come to see and feel the magic in the mundane; to realize that the mundane is inherently magical.

Ritual can ground us in tradition and help us create a legacy

Through this blog I share my passion for ritual with others. Through stories, anecdotes and soul-hacks I illustrate how ritual can ground us in our ordinary day, connect us to our past, or help us transcend the monotony. Through sharing simple rituals I help others to create their own legacy and ground themselves in tradition amidst a chaotic world.
If you love deep, introspective cultural experiences, connecting with nature and preparing delicious food, then make yourself a warm drink and pull a chair up to my proverbial hearth.

Simple Rituals for Daily Life

I have always been drawn to ritual. Rituals help us to stay grounded in our traditions; they breathe fresh life into activities that have withstood the test of time. Ritual can ground us in the moment, or help us to transcend the mundane. I am deeply inspired by my ancestral heritage (Northern European) and the place where I live believing both influence the person I am today, and how I experience the world.

I create ritual for my family in order to create a legacy for them that they can pass down to the next generations. In this global world, traditions can help everyone to feel that they have a place to come “home” to, even if that place is not a physical location.

Come with me on my adventures as I learn more about the ancient island of Sardinia, my new home and one of my greatest teachers.

If you are present in the moment, even ordinary tasks such as cooking, doing the laundry or cleaning out a closet can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and connection. Learn to create your own simple daily rituals to center you on your own life’s path.