Storyteller, History & Mythology Geek, Modern Peasant, Kitchen Witch, Hearth Keeper, Mystic

I am an author and American expat, a matriarch and hearth keeper. I moved my whole family (my husband, 2 children under 5, my father in law, myself and our dog) to my husband’s ancestral homeland, the mysterious and ruggedly beautiful Italian island of Sardinia. In order to make that move, we downsized our Vermont homestead into 33 small boxes (50% books!) and 6 suitcases for our new life. We learned to live on very little money, in a tiny space and with a whole new set of cultural norms. In essence, we have eased into a life amidst chaos.

I am nostalgic.

I long for simpler times and quiet joys. As a Sagittarius I am hardwired to seek out truths (professional translation: I am a great researcher). I enjoy food, art and cultural traditions. I am deeply drawn to creating ritual (professional translation: pays great attention to details) and through the art of writing, also a form of ritual, I am able to share with others (professional translation: good communication skills) long held traditions, different perspectives and practical modern tips for navigating this often chaotic and unsettling world. In this global world, traditions can help everyone to feel that they have a place to come “home” to, even if that place is not a physical location.
I am passionate about the wild places, where my food comes from.
In my writing I look for ingenious ways to bring together my favorite fiction and nonfiction genres which are fantasy/mythology, culinary arts and the many uses of herbs. I am passionate about the wild places, where my food comes from and sustainability, as well as the stories, foods, culture and mythology of Europe.
I have a degree in Anthropology from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. I have traveled extensively to and lived in Italy, Norway and the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I also have a decade worth of experiences creating rituals and traditions for my family and myself. I have written 2 books on the subject of bringing more ritual into your life to help you connect with family, nature and where you are in the present moment.
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